"Oh, no. It's raining, what happens now?"


If it rains during your rental period, Fun Rents, LLC. does not endorse the use of any inflatables or concessions while wet. Though many of our units are covered and it may appear fine for jumping, we ask our customers to respect the equipment and exercise caution during these times.  If the inflatables become wet, Fun Rents recommends all persons exit and wait for the rain to stop and the equipment to completely dry before re-entering. Guests are welcome to enjoy the units once they dry. Note, the units will gather water when it rains and the material will swell. Swelling is normal and should not alarm you. Instead, it should be used as a reminder that water pockets can be overlooked. Be sure the entire unit is dry before allowing re-entry to guests. 



Remember, we are here to service you. So, allow us to do the hard labor. Please leave all units inflated until the driver arrives for pick up. Thank you for your cooperation!